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Importance of Time Management system

Biometrics is gaining weight in many areas, from laptops to mobile phones and other technologies. The use of biometrics is quickly becoming a leading tool in workforce management. Many companies are shifting towards a Biometric Time and Attendance system. The main reason behind initiating this system is to eliminate time theft and increase security and accuracy. It is estimated by 2016, more than 30% of companies will be getting rid of the traditional fob or card to clock in hours and opting for a biometric system and online attendance and leave management systems.

Deploying a biometric attendance system has the following advantages

Eliminates buddy time punching

A biometric attendance requires an enrolled employee to punch in. It is virtually impossible to have another employee “buddy clock”, which is a form of time fraud. The biometric characteristics of a single co-worker cannot be duplicated, therefore it eliminate time theft.

No repetitive consumable costs

Over time, fobs and cards get lost and or wear, needing to be replaced. A fingerprint attendance system and time system rely on an employee’s biometric information such as fingerprints, vein mapping, collagen etc. by way of a finger presented in order to complete verification and clock in the employee. This means there are no card or fob replacement costs to bear, and the employee’s index finger is never left at home!

Trustworthy Data

The data gathered from a biometric time and attendance system is live and honest. You can access data at anytime and pinpoint problems in the office. It enables you to generate quick reports and alerts you to problems so that you may act instantly.

Accurate Payroll records

A biometric system accurately records employees’ arrival and exit times, which means the employee can be paid accordingly. A reduction in overpayments is a huge cost saving measure for most businesses.

Automated Workplace Rules

You can easily configure a biometric system to administer office rules. For example, a company that uses flexi time, will no longer have to manually track hours. The system does for you and sends out reports to employees informing them about their balance.

Increased Productivity

By decreasing and eventually eliminating the practice of manually recording attendance and time records, a biometric system decreases staffing overhead, save employee time and provides payroll with accurate labor data. This leads to effective business operations.

Improves Employee Accountability

A biometric time clock creates verifiable audit trails, thereby creating a workforce management attendance and time system that improves accountability and responsibility. This system is able to accurately identify an employee, which means he or she can be held responsible for frequent tardiness, absenteeism, unscheduled breaks etc. Employees on a biometric system are more likely to be accountable and responsible.

The biometric system encourages adherence to workplace rules and accountability, eliminates employee theft, buddy punching, and other problems and loopholes caused by an outdated attendance and time system, which is responsible for unnecessary revenue loss. By implementing a biometric time clock system and leave management system a business can achieve an increased return on investment.

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